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    The NHC just recently issued its final advisory on Newton. Newton was a Strong storm, packing winds of 90 mph in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Now, this means we no longer have any fully Tropical named storms in either the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific basins. While this may seem like a cool down, we are in September the peak of Hurricane Season. Currently, there is an Area of Interest near the Cabo Verde Islands, with a 70% chance of development within five days.

    This could possibly be Ian, but thankfully, it looks like it is going to move out to sea. This month is really the month to stay alert, and watch for any tropical development in the Atlantic. We are already ahead of last year, and we could far ahead by the beginning of October. Thanks for…

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  • Brickcraft1

    Tropical Storm Gaston was a Hurricane this morning, however it has weakened to a TS. Gaston has a chance to re-strengthen. 

    However 99-L is the big one. There is a lot of uncertainty with this one and it will threaten Flordia and possibly head into the Gulf of Mexico. Anyone along the Gulf Coast needs to be alert, and monitor this system. It could become Hermine and possibly a Hurricane.

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    Tropical Storm Gaston has formed in the Atlantic and is forecast to become a Hurricane tomorrow. Gaston should be no threat to land and will run a similar-ish track to Fiona, but stronger. Gaston could become the first Major Hurricane of the year. Some models were hinting at Cat 5 intensity, the first in 9 years

    Invest 99-L has a 60% chance in 5 days and could be Hermine and strike Florida. Nevertheless, people in the path of Hermine should expect flooding and heavy rain as well as gusty winds. People should keep an eye on this.

    Fiona has not fizzled out and is clinging to life.

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    Tropical Storm Fiona is expected to become a depression today according to the National Hurricane Center and is still not threat to land do to its small size and is expected to move east of Bermuda.

    Invest 99-L could become a Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and landfall in Louisiana according to the GFS. This is obviously a huge concern. Read Yesterday's blog for more. The CMC model has it heading for North Carolina as a even stronger Hurricane. 99-L is definitely something to keep a very close eye on.

    Potential Invest 90-L

    This also be a Hurricane and may threaten land but this one is so far out we can't really tell. Keep and eye on this one too.

    Be Cautious, Brickcraft1

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    99-L is concerning

    August 19, 2016 by Brickcraft1

    Invest 99-L has a 50% chance of developing over five days and several models have it being a strong hurricane threatening land. The areas can be the Northeast,Gulf Coast, and maybe Bermuda.

    All 3 are concerning landfall areas but what is really concerning is the Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast state of Louisiana has just experienced extreme flooding and a Hurricane would be devastating beyond belief because people don't have homes and more rain. They don't need rain. People who didn't flood might or even will flood. 

    So lets all hope 99-L/Gaston Stays out to sea.

       Stay Safe, Brickcraft1

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