Hurricane Irma
Category 5 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
512px-Irma 2017-09-06 1745Z
Irma at peak intensity on September 6, 2017
Formed August 30, 2017
Dissipated September 16, 2017
(Extratropical after September 12, 2017)
Highest winds 1-minute sustained: 295 km/h (185 mph)
Lowest pressure 914 hPa (mbar); 26.99 inHg
Fatalities 134 total (as of October 10, 2017)
Damage > $66.77 billion (2017 USD)
Part of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season
Hurricane Irma was an extremely powerful and catastrophic Cape Verde type hurricane, the most intense hurricane observed in the Atlantic since Dean in 2007. It was also the most intense Atlantic hurricane to strike the United States since Katrina in 2005, and the first major hurricane to hit the state of Florida since Wilma in 2005. The ninth named storm, fourth hurricane, and second major hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, Irma caused widespread and catastrophic damage throughout its long lifetime, particularly in parts of the northeastern Caribbean.