2018 Atlantic hurricane season
Seasonal boundaries
First system formed May 25
Last system dissipated Season not finished
Strongest storm
Name Florence
 • Maximum winds 140 mph (220 km/h)
 • Lowest pressure 939 mbar (hPa; 27.73 inHg)
Seasonal statistics
Total depressions 10
Total storms 10
Hurricanes 5
Major hurricanes
(Cat. 3+)
Total fatalities 58
Total damage $17.125 billion (2018 USD)
Atlantic hurricane seasons
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is a future event in the annual formation of tropical cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere. The season will officially begin on June 1, 2018, and end on November 30, 2018. These dates historically describe the period each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin and are adopted by convention. However, the formation of tropical cyclones is possible at any time of the year.



Subtropical Storm Alberto

Main Article: Subtropical Storm Alberto

Subtropical storm (SSHWS)
Alberto 2018-05-27 1625Z.jpg
Duration May 25 – May 31
Peak intensity 65 mph (100 km/h) (1-min)  990 mbar (hPa)
Subtropical Storm Alberto was the first Named Storm of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Alberto also marked the 4th year in a row that a named storm has been classified before the official start of the season, forming a week before the official start. Alberto formed as a subtropical storm in the northwest Caribbean Sea. Alberto spent many days unorganized, and dumping heavy rains across Cuba and Southern Florida before making landfall around Laguna Beach Florida. It moved inland and weakened to a subtropical depression as it moved over Alabama, eventually transitioning into a fully tropical depression over Tennessee, a rare occurance. The depression remained tropical until it was over Michigan, where it turned post topical, which was very unusual as well.

Hurricane Beryl

Category 1 hurricane (SSHWS)
Beryl 2018-07-06 1200Z.png
Duration July 5 – July 16
Peak intensity 80 mph (130 km/h) (1-min)  991 mbar (hPa)

Hurricane Chris

Category 2 hurricane (SSHWS)
Chris 2018-07-10 1815Z.jpg
Duration July 6 – July 12
Peak intensity 105 mph (165 km/h) (1-min)  974 mbar (hPa)

Tropical Storm Debby

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Debby 2018-08-08 1610Z.jpg
Duration August 7 – August 9
Peak intensity 50 mph (85 km/h) (1-min)  1000 mbar (hPa)

Tropical Storm Ernesto

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Ernesto 2018-08-16 1340Z.jpg
Duration August 15 – August 18
Peak intensity 45 mph (75 km/h) (1-min)  999 mbar (hPa)

Hurricane Florence

Category 4 hurricane (SSHWS)
Florence 2018-09-11 1750Z.jpg
Duration August 31 – September 17
Peak intensity 140 mph (220 km/h) (1-min)  939 mbar (hPa)

Tropical Storm Gordon

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Gordon 2018-09-04 1905Z.jpg
Duration September 3 – September 8
Peak intensity 70 mph (110 km/h) (1-min)  997 mbar (hPa)

Hurricane Helene

Category 2 hurricane (SSHWS)
Helene 2018-09-11 1245Z.jpg
Duration September 7 – September 16
Peak intensity 110 mph (175 km/h) (1-min)  966 mbar (hPa)

Hurricane Isaac

Category 1 hurricane (SSHWS)
Isaac 2018-09-09 1305Z.jpg
Duration September 7 – September 15
Peak intensity 75 mph (120 km/h) (1-min)  993 mbar (hPa)

Tropical Storm Joyce

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Joyce 2018-09-14 1625Z.jpg
Duration September 12 – September 17
Peak intensity 50 mph (85 km/h) (1-min)  997 mbar (hPa)

Storm names

The following list of names will be used for named storms that form in the North Atlantic in 2018. Retired names, if any, will be announced by the World Meteorological Organization in the spring of 2019. The names not retired from this list will be used again in the 2024 season. This is the same list used in the 2012 season except for Sara, which replaced Sandy.

  • Alberto
  • Beryl
  • Chris
  • Debby
  • Ernesto
  • Florence
  • Gordon
  • Helene
  • Isaac
  • Joyce
  • Kirk (unused)
  • Leslie (unused)
  • Michael (unused)
  • Nadine (unused)
  • Oscar (unused)
  • Patty (unused)
  • Rafael (unused)
  • Sara (unused)
  • Tony (unused)
  • Valerie (unused)
  • William (unused)

Season effects

This is a table of all the storms that have formed in the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season. It includes their duration, names, landfall(s), denoted in parentheses, damages, and death totals. Deaths in parentheses are additional and indirect (an example of an indirect death would be a traffic accident), but were still related to that storm. Damage and deaths include totals while the storm was extratropical, a wave, or a low, and all the damage figures are in 2017 USD.

Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale
TD TS C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
2018 North Atlantic tropical cyclone statistics
Dates active Storm category

at peak intensity

Max 1-min
mph (km/h)
Areas affected Damage
(millions USD)

Alberto May 25 – 31 Subtropical storm 65 (100) 990 Yucatán Peninsula, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Southeastern United States, Midwestern United States, Ontario > $50 million 10 (2)
Beryl July 4-16 Category 1 hurricane 80 994 Lesser Antillies, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti Unknown Unknown
Chris July 6-12 Category 2 hurricane 105 974 East Coast, Newfoundland Unknown Unknown
Debby August 7-Active Subtropical storm 45 1003 None None None
Season Aggregates
3 cyclones May 25 – Season ongoing   105 974 > $50 million 10 (2)